Logitech Pop Keyboard review: a keyboard with character

The Logitech Pop Keys will brighten up your workspace. Logitech Pop Keyboard

Logitech Pop Keyboard review: a keyboard with character
Logitech Pop Keyboard

This Logitech Pop Keys review is for those who don't like boring things. It's a fun tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that feels like a typewriter to use, and it's the best keyboard to buy if you want to add some color to your desk setup.

This keyboard is Instagram-worthy, TikTok-friendly, and Whatsapp-ready, and it even has dedicated emoji keys to speed up your online messaging.

If you're a gamer, you might want to check out T3's guide to the best gaming keyboards because this one won't meet all of your needs.


The Logitech Pop Keys are available now for $100 in the United States, £90 in the United Kingdom, and AU$130 in Australia. Using the widgets on this page, you can find out where you can get one.

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When you purchase the Logitech Pop Keys, you have the option of three cool aesthetics: daydream (mint, yellow, and lavender), heartbreaker (rose), and blast (black and yellow). Each one will add a unique touch to your workspace, and you can even complete the look with a matching Logitech Pop Mouse.

The typewriter-style mechanical keys produce an audible and satisfying click each time you press one, but you might not want to use it around other people because it's quite loud.

Each key is rounded to fit your fingertips, but because the keys are so closely packed together and raised from the board, I found myself mistyping a lot. If you spend all day tapping away, it might be worth looking for something a little more accurate, but if you don't, it won't be such a big deal.

It's a shame there aren't legs on the underside to prop it up, as that would have made typing more comfortable.

The keyboard, which is made of thick plastic, doesn't feel particularly premium, but it doesn't need to because it's more about looks than anything else.

The Logitech Pop Keys is actually quite small (35.4 x 321.2 x 138.47mm), so it won't take up much space on your desk. You could take it to and from work or the library, but it's a little heavy for what it is (799g), so I'm not sure you'd want to.


Because the Logitech Pop Keys are completely wireless, they are extremely simple to set up. You can use the Logi Bolt USB Receiver or Bluetooth to connect it to your PC. The best part is that you can connect up to three devices at once, allowing you to type on your laptop, phone, and tablet. You'll also be able to switch between them quickly by using the device keys at the top of the keyboard.

The swappable emoji keys are one of the best features of the Logitech Pop Keys. Logitech has chosen eight of the most popular emojis, such as heart eyes, crying, thumbs up, and fire, to name a few. You can have four on the board at once, and the key below will take you to the entire emoji library. It's actually quite useful if you frequently use messaging apps on your computer.

You can program all of the keys on this keyboard to do whatever you want; all you need is the Logitech Options desktop app.

The Logitech Pop Keys are built to last; the battery should last about three years and the keys should last about 50 million keystrokes. As a result, this is a solid investment that should last for a long time.


The Logitech Pop Keys demonstrate that your desk does not have to be boring. This bright, minimalist keyboard looks fantastic when paired with the Logitech Pop mouse.

It's not the best option for writers, but for everyone else, the funky typewriter design adds a little spice to their day. This would also make an excellent gift!


If you work during the day and play games at night, the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is a really nice-looking piece of hardware with bright RGB lighting. It'll also be much more comfortable to type on.

The Logitech MX Keys Mini is an excellent choice for those who only require a small keyboard for working. Because it is small and light, you can easily slip it into your laptop case and transport it between your home and the office.