Samsung 2022 S-series, Q-series soundbars launched in India: Price & Availability, Specifications

Samsung 2022 S-series, Q-series soundbars launched in India: Price & Availability, Specifications
Samsung 2022 S-series, Q-series soundbars

Samsung, a leading consumer electronics company, has unveiled its Soundbar lineup for 2022. The company unveiled the 'Q' and 'S' series of soundbars on World Music Day 2022, which include the world's first built-in Wireless Dolby Atmos for a seamless Samsung TV to soundbar connection. The 'Q' Series is the flagship model, whereas the 'S' Series is more of a lifestyle model.

Q & S Series 2022 Soundbars: Price & Availability

The new Q Series Soundbars are available in five different models: Q990B, Q930B, Q800B, Q700B, and Q600B. Their starting price is Rs. 31,990.

  • Q990B- Rs. 99,990
  • Q930B- Rs. 84,990
  • Q800B- Rs. 45,990
  • Q700B- Rs. 34,990
  • Q700B- Rs. 31,990

The S Series Soundbars are available in two models: S801B and S61B. The starting price is Rs. 24,990.

  • S801B- Rs. 42,990
  • S61B- Rs. 24,990

From June 21st, 2022, both lineups will be available through Samsung's official online store, Samsung retail stores, and online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Samsung Q Series 2022 Soundbars: Specs & Features

The Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TVs are compatible with the Q Series soundbars. They include a wireless Dolby Atmos connection, which allows your TV and soundbar to connect wirelessly over WiFi without lags or delays.

The soundbars support the Q-Symphony feature, which means they can be used in conjunction with the TV's built-in speakers to maximise the setup's 3D sound effect. The soundbars also include Space Fit Sound Advance technology, which optimises the soundbar's sound based on the size of your room.

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Q990B Model

It has a new design and an upgraded bass with an 11.1.4 channel to provide powerful sound quality. For an immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS-X experience, it includes one subwoofer channel, four firing up channels, and two wireless rear speakers.

Q930B Model

Its metal design, rear speakers, and 9.1.4 channel provide an immersive surround sound experience.

Q800B Model

It now has upgraded speakers as well as a 5.1.2 channel surround sound system.

Q700B Model

It has top-firing speakers that provide immersive overhead sound, as well as a 3.1.2 channel surround sound system, and it will be compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Q600B Model

This one features an advanced design and an HDMI eARC connection with Q Symphony Gen II audio. This will use acoustic beam technology to mix and deliver sound. It is ideal for watching movies and playing video games.

Samsung S Series Soundbars: Specs & Features

The S Series Soundbars are designed to take up as little space as possible. This series includes two models.

S801B Model

With a depth of only 39.99mm, it is the world's thinnest soundbar. It has a 3.1.2 channel surround sound setup and built-in Alexa, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Virtual:X audio support.

S61B Model

This soundbar has a 5.0 channel surround sound setup with wireless Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X Audio support. It supports the Q-Symphony and can be used as a companion or standalone speaker with high-resolution audio. It is small and will fit into any space. It supports Alexa Voice Assist, Tap View, and Airplay.