Samsung QN900B Neo QLED Review

Samsung QN900B Neo QLED Review, Let's take a look at the Samsung QN900B Neo QLED specifications, features, and other information that is currently available.

Samsung QN900B Neo QLED Review
Samsung QN900B Neo QLED


+  Stunning HDR images

+  Comprehensive smart TV platform

+  Immersive sound system with Dolby Atmos

+  Great for gamers: VRR, ALLM, 4K at 144Hz


-  No Dolby Vision support

In this Samsung QN900B review, we take a look at the company's high-end 8K NeoQLED TV for 2022, which promises unrivalled ultra-high-resolution big-screen performance.

The cutting-edge picture quality is largely due to a super-bright Mini LED backlight and cutting-edge image processing that uses AI enhancements to fully utilise the 33 million pixels that comprise an 8K panel.

The stunning high dynamic range (HDR) images are complemented by Object Tracking Sound Pro, which employs multiple speakers and woofers to provide an immersive audio experience that now includes Dolby Atmos.

The QN900B is not only one of the best 8K TVs we've reviewed; it's also one of the best-looking, with a sleek design that requires only a single cable when wall-mounted thanks to Samsung's proprietary One Connect box (an off-the-TV connection box).

The inclusion of a comprehensive smart TV platform and extensive next-generation gaming features ensures that the Samsung QN900B is among the best 8K TVs available, and that Samsung maintains its dominance in this nascent segment of the TV market.

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The Samsung QN900B was released in April 2022 and comes in three screen sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch, with the 75-inch version reviewed here. The QE65QN900B costs £5,799 at the time of writing, the QE75QN900B costs £7,799, and the QE85QN900B costs £10,999. Check out our Samsung coupon codes page to see if you can save money.

While these are premium prices, the QN900B is at the top of Samsung's 8K range and offers the very best in terms of image processing and features. There are also the Samsung QN800B(opens in new tab) and QN700B for those who prefer 8K without the hefty price tag (opens in new tab). The former has the same screen sizes as the latter, but the latter ditches the 85-inch model in favour of a 55-inch model.

The Samsung QN900B is also competitive in its 8K class, with the Sony Z9K and LG QNED99 both offering comparable performance thanks to their own Mini LED backlights.

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The Samsung QN900B is an 8K TV, which means it has a 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution panel. It is also part of the company's Neo QLED TV lineup, which features a Quantum Matrix Pro Mini LED backlight with 1,920 (60 x 32) local dimming zones, according to our count.

The QN900's 33 million pixels are fully utilised regardless of the native resolution of the content, and the latest Neural Quantum Processor 8K delivers peerless upscaling via AI-enhanced neural network processing. Furthermore, 14-bit contrast mapping highlights all of the details in shadows.

The HDR presentation is also first-rate, with Samsung claiming a peak brightness of up to 4,000 nits and a colour volume of 100%. The QN900B supports HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+ (Adaptive and Gaming), but unfortunately not Dolby Vision.

Object Tracking Sound Pro uses a 6.2.2-channel speaker layout with upward-firing drivers, which is a welcome addition from Samsung. There's also Space Fit Sound for room correction and Q Symphony for seamless integration with Samsung soundbars that support it.

This year, Samsung's Tizen-powered smart TV system received an update, and it now employs a home screen rather than a launcher bar. Otherwise, it's still as comprehensive as ever, with all of the major streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and UK TV catch-up services.

Finally, with improved motion and an expanded Game Bar, the QN900B is ideal for next-generation gamers. There is support for frame rates up to 144Hz, VRR (Freesync Premium Pro and HDMI version), and ALLM, which automatically switches to the low latency Game Mode when a console is detected, resulting in an input lag of just 9ms.

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The Samsung QN900B features the company's Infinity One design, which has a modern finish and sleek styling and is only 15mm deep from top to bottom. The Infinity Screen has no bezels, excellent build quality, and a stand that provides solid support while only requiring a narrow surface.

The QN900B shines when wall-mounted using Samsung's Slim Fit bracket, with only a single cable connecting the TV thanks to the One Connect box. This includes four HDMI 2.1 inputs that can be mounted on the back of the stand if desired.

The One Remote is both ergonomic and eco friendly, thanks to a solar cell on the back that recharges the batteries. There are also direct access buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+, as well as a microphone for voice interaction.

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The Samsung QN900B produces excellent big-screen images, and while there is currently limited native 8K content, the cutting-edge image processing comes in handy with screen sizes of 75-inches and larger. The images that result are precise and detailed.

Even when watching very bright HDR content, this TV produces deep blacks with almost no blooming. The QN900B has nearly 2000 local dimming zones, but it's not just the number that matters, but what you do with them, and thankfully, Samsung's dimming algorithm is best in class.

This contrast prowess is boosted by 14-bit contrast mapping, which brings out fine details in shadows just above black while retaining a pleasing inkiness. The processing also handles mixed content admirably, ensuring that both bright and dark areas of an image are rendered perfectly.

The Filmmaker Mode produces accurate standard dynamic range (SDR) and high dynamic range (HDR) images while preserving the content creator's intent. Despite Samsung's claims, we measured a peak HDR brightness of 2,100 nits in this more accurate mode, and the QN900B covered 96% of the DCI-P3 colour space.

In all of our tests, the tone mapping is absolutely spot-on, taking advantage of the massive brightness and cutting-edge processing to produce impactful HDR images with clipped specular highlights, saturated colours, deep blacks, and detailed shadows that aren't crushed.

In general, the overall screen uniformity is excellent, with no evidence of banding, dirty screen effect, or colour tinting on our review sample. The motion handling is also excellent, and our only real complaint is the lack of Dolby Vision support.

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The Samsung QN900B sounds great, thanks to Dolby Atmos and a speaker system with drivers on the bottom, sides, and top. As a result, the soundstage fills the wall behind the TV, giving it a sonic presence that matches its 75-inch screen size.

Object Tracking Sound Pro makes a significant difference, with the up-firing speakers adding a new layer to the sonic delivery. Sounds move around and above the television to match specific objects on screen, and a dedicated centre channel ensures focused and intelligible dialogue.

The woofers built into the back of the panel also produce a deep bass foundation, which enhances the impact of movie soundtracks. While this TV has a lot of scale and immersion, for the full cinema experience, check out the best soundbars for Samsung TVs.

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The Samsung QN900B is an outstanding 8K TV, utilising its increased resolution and AI-enhanced image processing to produce images with incredible detail and precision. A Mini LED backlight and 14-bit contrast mapping ensure some of the best high dynamic range (HDR) images you'll see on a consumer display.

The industrial design is stunning, the build quality is superb, and the One Connect box remains a brilliant concept. The gaming features are also impressive, with Game Bar 2.0 being a useful feature and extremely low input lag. The redesigned smart TV system remains effective, with a wide range of streaming apps.

Dolby Atmos is a welcome addition, and the overall sound quality is excellent, with Object Tracking Sound Pro creating a truly immersive experience and the woofers producing some nice bass. The absence of Dolby Vision is the only minor drawback.

Overall, the Samsung QN900B Neo QLED 8K TV comes as close to perfection as a television can get. It provides truly mind-blowing image quality and is the pinnacle of 8K panels.