Silly Royale Squad Island Adds 8v8 Mode, All Squid Games, and More: Here's Everything You Need to Know

This is the most significant update to Silly Royale to date.

Silly Royale Squad Island Adds 8v8 Mode, All Squid Games, and More: Here's Everything You Need to Know
Silly Royale Squad Island Adds 8v8 Mode

Silly Royale, one of Pune-based studio SuperGaming's most popular games, has received its most significant update yet. Squad Island, a limited-time 8v8 mode with 16 player lobbies and a brand-new map with separate voice channels for each squad, is introduced in the new update.

The Squad Island mode is accessible via the Event tab in the Main Menu. This is a limited-time mode, which means it will only be available in the game for a limited time before disappearing.

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The new model will allow players to form groups of up to seven friends and play as either Guards or Silly. Furthermore, players will be able to compete against their opponents in the 'Squid Challenge,' where they will be able to play every game from Squid Royale, Silly Royale's Squid Game-inspired modes.

Silly Royale Adds Squad Island with 16 Player Lobbies

"On average, players spend 48 minutes in Silly Royale, and one of the most requested community features is the ability to squad up with friends," says Christelle D'cruz, General Manager and co-founder of SuperGaming. "Squad Island is our attempt to do just that, to allow you to play more of the Silly Royale you enjoy with the people you enjoy."

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Silly Royale has become one of the most popular made-in-India games, with over 17 million mobile downloads. Its popularity was aided significantly by the inclusion of Squid Royale, which was inspired by the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

The limited-time game mode attracted nearly 5 million new players from all over the world to the game. Indus, a new battle royale game for mobile, PC, and console, is also in the works at SuperGaming. Indus is one of the most anticipated games made in India, and it is set to be released in 2022.