This weekend, you can get Total War: Warhammer for free here's how.

Total War: Warhammer is available for free on the Epic Games Store.

This weekend, you can get Total War: Warhammer for free here's how.
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If you're looking for a new game to play this weekend, I highly recommend Total War: Warhammer, especially since it's free to download this week on the Epic Games Store.

Despite the fact that Total War: Warhammer is nearly six years old, it remains an enthralling grand strategy game. It applies the deep and complex world of Games Workshop's fantasy game Warhammer to Creative Assembly's mix of turn-based strategy on a vast campaign map with real-time strategic combat that can see thousands of troops clash on large and detailed battlefields.

And what a concoction it is. As a leader of the Human Empire, you can conquer the Old World, or as the savage Greenskins, you can tear it apart.

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If you have a thing for vampires and the eerie undead, the Vampire Counts are the faction for you. As a result, even if you don't care for the lengthy campaign mode, the various ways the factions interact to make for some fantastic multiplayer battles.

Or, if you're in tune with nature, maybe you'd like to try out the Wood Elves. As in, play it slowly and steadily? Then the Dwarfs are your faction.

And that's just to name a few, as downloadable content, both free and paid, offers a variety of other factions that can traverse the Old World.

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You'll have an interesting experience regardless of which faction you choose. Total War: Warhammer's faction system is far more asymmetrical than that of other historical Total War games.

While the rock-paper-scissors approach is present, with range units cutting down foot soldiers, archers being run down by cavalry, and cavalry being poked to death by spear men, the addition of monsters, powerful heroes, and strange units and faction traits shakes things up.

If you get the Total War: Warhammer bug, there are two sequels, the most recent of which is Total War: Warhammer 3, which we tried and liked.