Top 3 Xbox Game Pass, driving games to play in February 2022

These Game Pass games are – ahem – wheely wonderful, including rallying, racing, and a whole bunch of wacky stunts.

Top 3 Xbox Game Pass, driving games to play in February 2022
Top 3 Xbox Game Pass driving games

Night Driver was the first driving game I recall playing, at the risk of sounding old. Today's games are unquestionably superior: photorealistic graphics, immersive audio, and realistic handling create thrilling racing experiences.

The finest driving games on Xbox Game Pass, on the other hand, give exactly what Night Driver and its many sequels did: the pure thrill of driving without the expense or penalties of the real thing.

These Game Pass games will get your engine running whether you're a lover of 1980s rally vehicles or today's supercars, off-roading, stunt driving, or flat-out racing.

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Because of its varied environment, a large assortment of automobiles, and nearly unlimited range of obstacles, Forza Horizon 5 has been named "the best racing game ever developed" by some critics, with a powerful 91 percent rating on Metacritic. The sights and audio, as well as the handling and accessible settings and customizations, have all been greatly improved, and shifting it out of the United Kingdom and into Mexico has contributed to the epic sense. There's plenty of sight candy to gaze at, from barren desert to volcanic peaks and even a football stadium – not that you'll have time because you'll be too busy pushing your automobiles to the maximum. Is this the best racing game ever? It's possible.

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While the gameplay isn't drastically different from the last installment, there's plenty here to keep even the most devoted fans of the brand feeling fresh. This time around, it's more of a gamer title than a racing simulator, so while there are some variances in how different vehicles operate, it doesn't have the same realism as games like Forza. But that's fine because it means you'll get access to features like Playgrounds, which allows you to create and drive ridiculous stunt tracks with predictable amusement.

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If rallying is your style, you'll be spoiled for choice on the game pass, as EA Play allows you to play previous DiRT games like DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2.0. But if you're looking for something a little more, well, artistic, Art of Rally is the game for you. It's a stylized love letter to rallying's golden days – imagine Audi Quattros soaring over barriers – with some of the most legendary rally cars ever raced and a unique top-down perspective. Whereas many driving games strive to overwhelm you with sensory overload, this one is more restrained, graceful, and nostalgic. If Sierra Cosworths or Renault 5 Turbos are your ideas of fun, you'll enjoy this as much as its maker evidently enjoys the sport.

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