Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 2023

Here are the 10 best-paying jobs of 2023, according to U.S. News & World Report (and see the full report here).

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 2023
10 Best Paying Jobs

In today's market, there are numerous options for the best-paying jobs. In this post, we'll look at some of the highest-paying jobs in the capital goods industry. This company's products include machinery, equipment, and computers. Many employees in this field have good pay and benefits, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a stable career.

What Is Capital Goods?

Capital goods are items used in the production of other products. Structures such as factories, machinery, and tools are examples. Physical assets such as machinery or factories can be acquired in the same way that intellectual assets such as patents or copyright can. They are frequently more durable and used in greater quantities than consumer items. Capital goods can be used to produce finished or intermediate goods.

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Benefits of Working in Capital Goods

Because of the benefits, people tend to prefer the highest-paying jobs in capital goods. Other benefits of landing the highest-paying job in capital goods include:

  • Capital equipment professionals are involved in some of the most innovative and creative activities in the industry.
  • Employees in the best paying jobs in capital goods have numerous opportunities for advancement and growth.
  • Workers in capital goods earn high wages and enjoy excellent benefits such as 401k and health insurance options.
  • Capital goods workers can advance their careers through relocation and employer sponsorship programs.
  • Capital goods workers have a lot of flexibility in their work schedules, allowing them to balance family obligations with a demanding professional path.
  • Employees in the capital goods industry are highly skilled specialists who make significant contributions to the sector's overall growth.

Salary Estimates for best paying jobs in capital goods

Working in the capital goods industry and finding the best paying jobs in capital goods can be lucrative depending on experience, credentials, and location. However, the median annual salary in this field is around $75,000 per year.

Is Capital Goods an appropriate career path for you?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem because the best job for you is determined by your unique skills and interests. There are several high-paying positions available in capital goods. However, some people believe that capital goods jobs are extremely satisfying because they frequently deal with complex machinery and equipment. If you have a technical background and enjoy working with technology, a capital goods profession may be a good fit.

List of best paying jobs in capital goods 

Boeing, Caterpillar, General Electric, and Siemens are some of the most well-known corporations in the capital goods market, and these types of best paying capital goods jobs are generally preferred. These companies produce everything from aircraft to engines to medical devices.

The following are the highest-paying capital-goods jobs:

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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 2023

1. Project manager – Best paying jobs in capital goods

A Project Manager’s annual compensation is $88000.

Most capital goods projects last one to five years, during which time the commodities are regularly manufactured and distributed. This work enables the long-term expansion or upkeep of a manufacturing plant. Project manager, project engineer, and project manager-level positions are among the highest-paying project management positions.

2. Manufacturing director  – Best paying jobs in capital goods

The annual salary of a Manufacturing Director is $200000.

The manufacturing director works in close collaboration with the rest of the executive team. He hires supervisors and managers and sets work-load goals. He is also in charge of ensuring that the plant meets the strictest safety standards.

3. Engineering Managers – Best paying jobs in capital goods

This is one of the most desirable and well-paying jobs in capital goods. Engineers make an average of $139000 per year.

The primary responsibilities of an engineering manager include organising, directing, and coordinating numerous engineering tasks carried out within a company. Among the responsibilities of the engineering Manager are the following: Processes for product development, testing, and manufacturing are created, executed, and perfected here.

Personnel management and delegation of duties to engineers and technical professionals. Assists teams in developing innovative new products, solutions, and methods under their supervision. Manages the logistics and resource allocation for the project.

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4. Quality Control Manager – Best paying jobs in capital goods

The annual salary of a Quality Control Manager is $72000.

In addition, the quality control manager collaborates closely with clients to ensure that the finished products meet their expectations.

A quality control manager oversees product development procedures and supervises staff to ensure that products meet quality and efficiency standards. The quality control manager will also collaborate with clients to ensure that the finished products meet their needs and specifications.

5. Industrial Designer  – Best paying jobs in capital goods 

The annual salary of an Industrial Designer is $62000.

Concepts for manufactured products such as vehicles, home appliances, toys, and other similar items are created by industrial designers. They make visually appealing objects by combining art, business, and engineering in a single manufacturing process.

6. Electrical Engineer – Best paying jobs in capital goods

The annual salary of an Electrical Engineer is $103000.

Electrical engineers are responsible for the design, development, testing, and monitoring of electrical equipment. This type of equipment includes electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications equipment, and equipment that generates electricity.

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7. Marketing Manager – Best paying jobs in capital goods

A Marketing Manager’s annual pay is $141490.

A marketing manager is in charge of the promotion and positioning of a brand or the products and services sold by a company. Marketing managers are typically hired to increase customer purchases and raise brand awareness through the creation of marketing campaigns.

8. Software Developers – Best paying jobs in capital goods

A year's salary for a software developer is $110140.

Capital goods software developers create computer tools and systems that aid the firm's operations. While they are not directly involved in the production process, they help capital goods companies remain profitable.

9. Training and Development Manager – Best paying jobs in capital goods

The annual salary of a Training and Development Manager is $115640.

Training and development managers are in charge of training and developing other employees in a capital goods company.

Training and development managers are typically in charge of a team of training and development specialists such as instructional designers, program developers, and instructors. Managers instruct specialists in training methods, who in turn instruct the organization's employees, both new and experienced. 08-Sept-2022

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10. Industrial Engineer – Best paying jobs in capital goods

The annual salary of an Industrial Engineer is $88950.

In the capital goods industry, industrial engineers ensure that the machinery used in the manufacturing process is in excellent working order. In addition to machine maintenance, they design the workflow of a manufacturing environment to speed up procedures and maximise efficiency.


There are several high-paying jobs available in the industry. However, they differ in terms of size, requirements, qualifications, training or experience required, and salary estimation. Before selecting any particular best paying job in capital goods, you must conduct extensive research. Look for the qualifications and experience needed to be considered for a specific job in this industry. In comparison to other sectors and domains, there is a better salary offer. As a result, when applying for job opportunities, you should consider the best paying jobs in capital goods.