Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Do You Require the Services of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle riders are at a high risk of serious injury because their motorcycle does not provide adequate protection. A motorcycle rider's body parts are exposed to impact from a collision because they lack the structure of a car. All it takes is one reckless driver, such as switching lanes without looking, for a motorcyclist to suffer serious consequences.

When a motorcycle crash occurs, a motorcyclist may sustain broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, abrasions, and other injuries. A motorcycle accident can result in significant medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering for the victim. Injured bikers frequently face an uphill battle after a motorcycle accident as they deal with adjusters and the insurance company while recovering and getting their affairs back in order. Insurance companies may have unjust biases against motorcyclists, causing them to oppose motorcycle accident claims and lawsuits. They may try to blame the biker in order to absolve themselves of any liability.

Our experienced Florida motorcycle accident lawyers at Law Group know how to deal with insurance companies that may try to take advantage of your right to fair compensation. We believe that motorcyclists deserve full compensation following a serious accident, and we work tirelessly to make that happen. Law Group can assist you in filing a motorcycle accident claim to cover medical bills, property damage, disability costs, and other expenses.

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Law Group Can Assist You With Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Law Group provides more than just legal advice and representation to our clients. Our legal team will work with you closely throughout the motorcycle accident claim process. This includes assisting you in determining who is responsible for your damages and what strategy to employ in order to obtain the maximum compensation.

Our firm also assists with the investigation of your accident, obtaining expert witnesses, handling court paperwork, and so on. Your attorney will also be by your side, advocating for your best interests and ensuring that you are not taken advantage of. They will notify the insurance company of your demands, negotiate a settlement, and represent you in court. This is accomplished through award-winning skill and experience gained through years of successful litigation on behalf of clients.

Our law firm provides free initial consultations and reviews to better assist you. Even if you are unsure whether you have a case, we want to talk with you and help you explore all of your legal options.

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Most Frequently Asked Motorcycle Accident Case Questions

How long does it typically take to resolve a motorcycle accident case?


Clients frequently ask me, "How long will my motorcycle injury case take?" The typical length of time it takes to conclude a motorcycle case depends on the number of cases handled.

Many factors influence the answer. My short answer is that we have settled cases in as little as 90 days, but most cases settle in six to eight months. If we have to file a lawsuit, it will take a year to a year and a half. But, once again, it all depends.

Perhaps describing the procedure will help you understand. No attorney should settle a case until the full extent of his or her client's injuries have been revealed. Many times, it is not known whether surgery is required until months after the accident. Most surgeons prefer that non-emergent patients try other conservative treatments before undergoing surgery.

Settlement of a case too soon without knowing the full extent of the injuries and all necessary treatment may result in the case being settled for far less than its true value.

 After about six months, most of the ongoing complaints and problems have come to the surface and have been reported by the motorcyclist. Furthermore, and more importantly, referrals to specialists are made during this time frame.

We can make a pre-lawsuit demand and try to settle the case once we have a good handle on the diagnosis, care and treatment, and prognosis.

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If we are met with an insurance adjuster who values the case lower than we do, the next step would be to file a lawsuit against all negligent parties. Filing a lawsuit will lengthen the time it takes to resolve a motorcycle accident injury or wrongful death case.

The insurance company and its lawyers are notified after a lawsuit is filed and served on the defendant. The parties begin what is known as the discovery phase. This is the stage at which each side is required to turn over the majority of the evidence in the case to their opponents. Deposits are also taken at this time. A judge is likely to order a discovery period of around 120 days.

So, because you must wait about six months to learn the full extent of your injuries, and then there are at least six months of litigation if you file a lawsuit, you could easily be looking at more than a year before a case is resolved.

Our office has policies and procedures in place to get our clients from accident to settlement as quickly as possible.

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Why should I hire a specialized lawyer for my motorcycle injury case?

It is possible to settle a motorcycle accident case on your own, but it is not a good idea, especially in certain states or under certain circumstances.


In a no-fault state like Michigan, for example, the law is complicated, and even personal injury lawyers are unfamiliar with the nuances of motorcycle accident no-fault law. Different types of claims have different time limits and must be submitted in different places. If a claim is not filed, is not filed properly, or is not filed with the correct entity, you may be stuck with medical bills or lose your right to sue or recover certain damages.

Only specialized lawyers, in my experience, know all of the different avenues of recovery for all of your various damages. We are familiar with all of them and will investigate each one. Is the owner of the vehicle, for example, liable under the law? Is the vehicle's owner covered by a separate insurance policy? Is a specific notice required in your type of motorcycle accident case? Is there a special insurance policy on the motorcycle or any other vehicle that will compensate you? Is an umbrella policy available?

I've represented countless clients who were duped by insurance adjusters who promised them a fair offer if they just provided this information, then more information, and then signed this authorization. After much stalling, an offer is made - a very low one in which the client regrets ever attempting the venture themselves.

And sometimes the injured motorcyclist actually harms his case by what he does and says to the insurance adjuster when attempting to settle the case without the assistance of a lawyer.

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Do not get taken advantage of:


I do not recommend signing anything unless it has been authorized by a lawyer first. Signing a blank 'Records Authorization' form from an insurance company gives them complete access to your past life, including but not limited to your lifelong hospital and doctor records, employment files, wage information, tax records, and other personal information. They may even be able to run a credit check on you.

I don't think you should even talk to the negligent driver's insurance company, let alone give a recorded statement.

I do not advise you to represent yourself. Our firm focuses on motorcycle cases. Our experience, knowledge, and reputation enable us to resolve cases more quickly and for a higher fee.

Call THE Motorcycle Lawyer, Jason Waechter, for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Simply fill out the case evaluation form on our Contact Us page if you prefer.

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How much is an injury or death motorcycle accident case worth?


There are numerous variables that influence the settlement's worth or value. Factors such as insurance, the circumstances of the motorcycle accident, and others. Please contact us so that we can ask you some questions and provide you with a more detailed response.


What are the important things to do right after a motorcycle accident?


First, seek medical attention from a competent, qualified doctor who is familiar with car accidents. At the same time, we recommend that you do not discuss your motorcycle accident until you have spoken with us or another motorcycle accident injury lawyer.

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Are the costs of my medical expenses from my motorcycle crash covered by Medicare?


When it comes to motorcycle accidents that result in injuries or, worse, death, it is common to wonder who pays the bills. Is Medicare responsible for paying medical bills for injured bikers? It could happen in some cases. If it does, it is usually only after all other sources have met their obligations that Medicare will assist. Medicare has a lien on any injury proceeds you may be entitled to, and in some cases, Medicare payments must be reimbursed. This means that if another insurance company is required to pay, Medicare must be reimbursed for its payments. Everything is dependent on your current situation. Call us for the best solution to your personal injury case.


What are the major causes of motorcycle accidents?


When a driver turns left and fails to see an oncoming motorcycle, this is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. The term for this is "inattentional blindness." Motor vehicle drivers frequently claim they did not see the motorcyclist or that the motorcyclist "came out of nowhere." Other distractions are frequently cited as causes of motorcycle accidents. Rear-ending a motorcycle stopped at a red light is also common.