Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress: 8 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites in 2022

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress - Because of its flexibility, most website owners prefer WordPress. It can be used to create a variety of online content such as blogs, eCommerce websites, forums, online retailer websites, directories, galleries, and much more.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress: 8 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites in 2022
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

Do you have a WordPress site with fluctuating or increasing traffic? We tested the most popular cloud (or scalable) hosting providers for WordPress websites and came up with a list of our top seven. They're all excellent choices for people with large or small budgets.


They all have some things in common: they're all managed hosting providers, which means they'll handle the technical stuff while you focus on your website and business; they're all optimized for WordPress, and they all offer SSD storage and free SSL certificates. Furthermore, each offers something distinctive that distinguishes it from the others.


Which of these hosts is the best fit for you? It is entirely dependent on your specific WordPress cloud hosting requirements. Check out the table below to see how the top providers fared in Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress.

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What We Look for in the Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers


Every WordPress-specific hosting provider claims to provide everything you require for your site, but this is simply not the case. So here's how I rated the best cloud hosting providers:


WordPress enhancement. Just because a provider offers WordPress hosting does not imply that its performance and features are optimized for WordPress. I looked for hosts whose services had been optimized and configured for the world's most popular CMS. 


Reliability and speed. Top technology equals top performance, which translates to faster loading times, higher uptime, and satisfied site visitors.


Scalability. If your company expands and your visitors increase, you'll want to be able to scale up to meet your resource requirements.


Features that are included. Some hosts provide more features for your money - specifically, more WordPress-centric features - and you want to ensure that the provider you choose provides you with the best and most useful tools. 


Usability. Even if a WordPress cloud hosting provider checks all the other boxes, finding one that is simple to use will ensure you don't waste time figuring out its account management interface.

The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2022

1. Bluehost - Best Overall Performance

Bluehost is a popular WordPress hosting platform used by small business owners and bloggers. They provide shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting services.


Bluehost offers low introductory prices beginning at $2.75 per month and optimizing managed hosting for $14.95 per month. The platform is simple to use and rarely causes performance issues.




  • The platform has a high uptime and load time.
  • For one year, a free domain name is provided.
  • This service is recommended by


In addition to improvements, Bluehost offers one-click installations, a standard cPanel to manage the site, and free SSL certificates Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress.

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2. Kinsta – Best Overall Performance

Kinsta is the top managed WordPress cloud host on the market because it provides faster page loading speeds and greater reliability than any other managed WordPress cloud host. My colleague signed up for and tested Kinsta for four months, and the results blew him away.


Kinsta is also extremely simple to use. Its control panel is intended for beginners, but it contains all of the tools that a web developer requires. However, while it is good for beginners, Kinsta is not cheap; it is the most expensive provider on our list. However, if you can afford it, the improved performance alone is worth the extra money.

There are numerous Kinsta plans to choose from. The starter plan includes 10GB of storage and one WordPress installation with up to 25,000 monthly visits. Following that, a variety of plans will offer up to 150 WordPress installations, 250GB of storage, and 3,000,000 monthly visits. And all plans include the same basic features, such as daily backups.


WordPress Hosting Features:


Everything is WordPress, all the time. Kinsta is built on WordPress-optimized servers, and everything about it - from software to support, to features and tools - is intended to improve your WordPress experience.


There are 25 data center locations and a CDN. Because the proximity of your visitors to your server influences loading speed, Kinsta allows you to choose from 25 Google Cloud Platform data centers around the world. It also gives you access to KeyCDN's content delivery network, which ensures peak performance for visitors who do not live near your chosen data center.

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Control panel for MyKinsta The simple-to-use MyKinsta account dashboard is WordPress-configured and optimized. It keeps track of visitor statistics, bandwidth usage, and response time, and it allows you to create, move, or stage sites.


Autoscaling. Kinsta ensures that your website can handle traffic spikes by automatically scaling your CPU and RAM to meet the needs of your expanding visitor base. This is one of the reasons why its 99.9 percent uptime guarantee is more than just a promise - it's a fact: my colleague achieved 100 percent uptime during his four-month test.


"Hack fix" assurance. Kinsta regularly updates its software and monitors its entire network to prevent malicious activity, but if your website is hacked, Kinsta guarantees that a support engineer will restore it to perfect working order.


Control panel

MyKinsta (proprietary)

Number of sites

1 to 150

SSD storage space

10GB to 250GB


25,000 to 3,000,000 monthly visits

Uptime guarantee


Starting price


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3. A2 Hosting – Best for Unlimited Websites


A2 Hosting's managed WordPress hosting plans, like Kinsta's, are built on cloud technology and designed specifically for WordPress. Its SwiftServer hosting platform, which is based on LiteSpeed, boosts speeds, so it's fast... but not quite as fast as Kinsta.


A2 Hosting gives you the option to host an unlimited number of websites, which the other hosts on our list do not, though you must pay for its top plan, which only includes 40GB of SSD storage.


If you do not want unlimited websites, you can choose between two other plans: 1-Site or 3-Site. The features are the same regardless of plan, including free SSL and CDN compatibility, but the lower-tier plans have fewer resources. A2 Hosting is one of the best in terms of features and performance, despite its limited number of plans and low storage capacities.

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WordPress Hosting Features:


WordPress updates automatically. A2 Hosting will not debug WordPress functionality or maintain third-party plugins, but it will always ensure that you have the most recent WordPress version.


A2 Site Accelerator Optimized For faster speeds, this plugin employs three different caching technologies: the proprietary Turbo Cache, OPcache, and Memcached.


Site staging with one click. Simple staging allows you to create a development copy of your site to test and update before going live.


Personal Jetpack license is provided for free. Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that provides resources to help you design, grow, and secure your website. Photon Unlimited Image CDN, automatic daily backups, brute force attack protection, malware scanning, and other features are included, but this license only covers a single URL. 


Control panel


Number of sites

1 to unlimited

SSD storage space

10GB to 40GB



Uptime guarantee


Starting price


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4. InMotion Hosting – Loaded with Features at a Low Price


InMotion Hosting offers some of the most affordable managed WordPress hosting on our list, as well as more features than most. Unlimited email accounts, a free CDN, an advanced security suite, configurable caching, and other features are included in all plans.


One feature that distinguishes InMotion Hosting is its unlimited bandwidth, which means you never have to worry about your transfer rate. However, despite unlimited bandwidth, your monthly visitors are limited to 20,000 with the entry-level plan.


InMotion Hosting's managed WordPress hosting is ideal for beginners, particularly those in the United States, where both of its data centers are located. WordPress offers four different plans (and four VPS plans). Even paying more for the best InMotion Hosting has to offer is less expensive than a lower-tier plan with the most expensive hosts on our list.


WordPress Hosting Features:


Drag-and-drop website builder for free. The BoldGrid WordPress-integrated site builder makes it simple to create a website. It has a nice design, is simple to use, has over 200 compatible templates, can integrate with WooCommerce, and includes SEO plugins.


There are no plugin limitations. In terms of plugins, you can install any plugin you want. Not every host gives you this much leeway.


Every plan includes marketing tools. One thing that InMotion Hosting provides that most others do not is free marketing tools such as advertising credits and customer management tools.


Money-back guarantee for 90 days. While most hosts provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, InMotion Hosting provides you with 90 days to decide if it is the right host for you. And if you decide it isn't, canceling is simple. 

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Control panel


Number of sites

1 to 6 (or more on VPS plans)

SSD storage space

50GB to 200GB


Unlimited; 20,000 to 300,000 monthly visits

Uptime guarantee


Starting price


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5. Nexcess – The Most Storage at a Premium Price

If you're an intermediate-level user who isn't afraid of technology with a learning curve, Nexcess is a great cloud hosting option for WordPress. The heavy lifting is still done for you, but Nexcess' proprietary control panel isn't as user-friendly as, say, Kinsta's.


Nexcess provides a plethora of features, fast speeds, 22 global data centres, a CDN, and a 100% uptime guarantee. A daring offer, and I must say that my colleague's tests revealed no downtime.


Nexcess has plans to suit businesses of all sizes, whether you have a single site with consistent traffic or you're an enterprise behemoth with a slew of websites and resources. Its top plan provides more than triple the SSD storage of our top host (Kinsta), but prices are lower across the board. Nexcess isn't cheap, but it's also not the most expensive WordPress cloud hosting provider on our list.

WordPress Hosting Features:


Sites for Stenciling So you've built a site you love with a custom WordPress theme, a hand-picked set of plugins, and a few other bells and whistles, and you wish you could easily copy and reuse this infrastructure to build another site.


That's exactly what Stencil Sites allows you to do.WordPress-specific updates and features are extensive. Nexcess provides managed WordPress core and plugin updates with visual regression testing to ensure your site is not broken. It also includes a one-click site staging feature, a free premium image compression plugin, and the Nexcess CDN.


Expert customer service. Every host claims to provide expert support, but Nexcess actually does when it comes to WordPress. And if its support agents are unable to answer your question or resolve your issue, they will do the necessary research.


Daily website backups are performed automatically. Although it may seem obvious, not all WordPress cloud hosting providers provide free backups. Nexcess will back up your site(s) on a daily basis and keep each backup for 30 days.


There are multiple user accounts. This is a fairly unique feature in that you can grant different levels of access to your hosting account to collaborators.


Control panel

Nexcess Client Portal (proprietary)

Number of sites

1 to 250

SSD storage space

15GB to 800GB


2TB to 10TB

Uptime guarantee


Starting price


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6. SiteGround – Low-Price Option for Beginners

If you're on a tight budget, SiteGround is a good choice because it has some of the lowest prices in the industry. Although resources are limited, all plans include unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, CDN access, unlimited email accounts, a site migration plugin, and the usual managed updates for WordPress core and plugins.


The entry-level StartUp plan allows for one website, 10GB of storage, and 10,000 monthly visits, but the higher-priced plans allow for unlimited sites and provide more resources and features. If you're looking for an entry-level plan, I'd recommend InMotion Hosting over SiteGround's StartUp plan Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress.

 SiteGround has two advantages: its platform's ease of use and its NGINX web servers. I'll go over some of the simple features in greater detail below.

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WordPress Hosting Features:


WordPress Foundation. This plugin is ideal for beginners because it guides you through the process of selecting a theme and installing features such as contact forms and e-commerce functions.


Control panel for Site Tools Other hosts on our list have proprietary control panels as well, but SiteGround's is one of the best. It looks good, is clean and simple to use, and is WordPress-optimized.


Migrator for SiteGround. Install this plugin on your existing site hosted elsewhere in order to migrate it to your SiteGround hosting account. It's an excellent tool for simple websites, but not so much for more complex ones.


Collaboration software. You can add collaborators to any of your sites, give them their own client areas, and transfer a site from your account to another SiteGround client if you subscribe to a higher-level plan. The most expensive plan for developers allows you to provide white-label access.


Control panel

Site Tools (proprietary)

Number of sites

1 to unlimited

SSD storage space

15GB to 40GB SSD


Unmetered; 10,000 to 100,000 monthly visits

Uptime guarantee


Starting price


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7. WP Engine – Advanced Performance for Experienced Users

With WP in the name, it's no surprise that WP Engine only provides WordPress hosting plans. Its platform is built on Google Cloud and AWS servers to provide a stable hosting environment.


If you're a developer or agency looking for creative tools and high-level performance but don't need high-level resource limits, this is a great provider to consider. If you're a beginner or intermediate user, there are more user-friendly and cost-effective options available. And, while WP Engine is one of the more expensive hosts on our list, it doesn't provide a lot of resources for the price.


WP Engine provides four plan sets (Managed, Managed Plus, Secure, and E-commerce), each of which provides four plan options with the same base resources but different features. In each set, the Startup plan includes 10GB of storage, 50GB of bandwidth, and 25,000 monthly visits for a single website.


Plus plans include automatic updates. Secure provides enhanced security for your website and customers. E-commerce also includes WooCommerce-specific features. 


WordPress Hosting Features:


WordPress plugins and updates WP Engine keeps your site up to date by installing core WordPress versions automatically and testing plugin upgrades before recommending them to you.


EverCache technology is used. WP Engine claims to be able to handle "hundreds of millions of hits per day" with its proprietary caching technology. It caches static content automatically to keep your sites loading quickly.


There are three hosting environments. WP Engine goes above and beyond most WordPress cloud hosting providers by providing separate development, staging, and production environments for each of your sites.

Geotargeting. Aiming specific content at your audience based on their location appears to be fairly standard in 2022, but not all WordPress cloud hosts provide this service. WP Engine does, thanks to the GeoTarget plugin. You can display or hide content based on your IP address location, as well as switch to local languages and currencies.


Money-back guarantee for 60 days. Although not as long as InMotion Hosting's 90-day money-back guarantee, WP Engine's 60-day money-back guarantee is twice as long as most WordPress cloud hosting providers.


Control panel

WP Engine User Portal (proprietary)

Number of sites

1 to 30

SSD storage space

10GB to 50GB


50GB to 500GB; 25,000 to 400,000 monthly visits

Uptime guarantee


Starting price



8. Flywheel – Most User-Friendly


Some WordPress cloud hosting providers have appealing, user-friendly control panels, but none are as user-friendly as Flywheel. Flywheel crams developer-level functionality into an easy-to-use dashboard that even my grandmother could use. It's also specifically designed and optimized for WordPress. 


Flywheel is powered by Google Cloud Platform, so it's fast, dependable, and secure, and it can instantly scale up resources if your traffic spikes. It also includes a slew of standard hosting features, such as nightly backups, automatic WordPress updates, and a slew of others.


Flywheel bills itself as the best option for busy creatives, but it is suitable for everyone from single-site bloggers to agencies. When my colleague tested it, he gave it near-perfect ratings for features, ease of use, and performance. However, there is one drawback: despite being one of the most expensive hosts on our list, it does not provide an explicit uptime guarantee. 


WordPress Hosting Features:


Technology for self-healing. Reliability is essential. Flywheel starts automatic diagnostic processes if a PHP service fails, keeping your site healthy and operational.


Custom caching with FlyCache. This proprietary caching tool is optimized for the most popular WordPress themes and plugins and is designed to reduce site loading times.


Rapidly CDN. In addition to your choice of GCP server location, Flywheel provides premium access to the Fastly CDN, ensuring that your visitors receive top speeds and performance regardless of where they are.


Blueprints. A development feature that saves a "blueprint" of your existing site's themes, plugins, and configuration so you can use it as a foundation to set up new sites quickly and easily rather than starting from scratch.


No contract, simple cancellation. Flywheel offers monthly or annual plans, but there is no contract, so you can cancel at any time. If you cancel your annual plan within 30 days of billing, or your monthly plan within 72 hours, you will receive a full refund.


Control panel

Flywheel dashboard (proprietary)

Number of sites

1 to 30

SSD storage space

5GB to 50GB


20GB to 500GB

Uptime guarantee


Starting price



How to Choose the Host That Suits Your Specific Needs


We signed up for the services, ran the tests, and identified the seven best WordPress cloud hosting providers available. But which is best for you? 

Kinsta is the best host in terms of speed and dependability. Its platform is extremely user-friendly, but it is also the most expensive.


Do you require performance on a tight budget? A2 Hosting offers faster speeds and unlimited websites at a lower cost than Kinsta. InMotion Hosting is an even lower-cost option that's ideal for beginners, particularly those with US-based websites, and it's packed with features.

SiteGround is another good option for beginners because it is very reasonably priced and has tools designed specifically to help you get your site up and running. 

Consider WP Engine if you're a more advanced user looking for more development tools and innovative functionality.




Why is it better to have hosting optimized for WordPress?


Complex WordPress sites with premium themes and a large number of plugins can be slow on a standard server. When you select a cloud hosting provider that claims to be WordPress-optimized, you should receive a web hosting software platform designed specifically for WordPress, as well as specialized support to assist you with any specific issues. 

Not sure if WordPress is the right CMS for you? Check out our list of the best web hosting providers in 2022 to see if another type of hosting would be more suitable for you.


Is managed WordPress hosting better than unmanaged?


It all depends on how tech-savvy you are, how much control you want, and how much money you have. Unmanaged WordPress hosting is less expensive, and it frequently grants you root access to the server, allowing you to develop from the ground up.

However, if you don't know what "root access" is, you're probably better off with managed hosting. Managed hosting allows your provider to handle server setup and maintenance, allowing you to focus on your site and business.


Which is the best web host for WordPress Cloud Hosting?


Kinsta is at the top of our list because it is simple to use, was designed specifically for WordPress, and provides better performance than any other host. In addition to comprehensive security, it provides multiple data centers for better global coverage, autoscaling with no downtime, and a "hack fix guarantee."


Does A2 Hosting really give you unlimited websites?


It does, but only on its most expensive plan. Even if you have an unlimited number of websites, you are limited to 40GB of storage, which limits the amount of content you can serve. 

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Which is the cheapest hosting service?

SiteGround offers some of the most affordable cloud-based, managed WordPress hosting in the industry. It's an excellent choice if you only require the fundamentals from your WordPress cloud hosting provider. 

If you want to cut your costs even further, check out our coupon page.