The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023: Best WordPress Hosting For 2023

The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023, These highly rated and extensively tested web hosting services provide the strength and dependability required to create visually appealing websites for commercial or personal use.

The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023: Best WordPress Hosting For 2023
The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023

Web hosting isn't an option for small or large business owners; it's a requirement. People use the internet to find products and services, so your company requires a dependable and simply accessible website for potential customers to find. Even a simple page outlining your company's address, contact information, and hours of operation is beneficial. 


Businesses are no longer listed on the yellow pages; if you can't be located via a search engine, your business doesn't exist. To establish an internet presence, businesses require a shareable website. Without a website, your company would be difficult to find and will earn little money. To be sure, web hosting isn't just for businesses; whether you want to host a personal website, blog, or project, hosting services are also extremely helpful. Whatever your website's goal, the services provided below have you covered.

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress: 8 Best WordPress Hosting For 2023

Finding a web host, the firm that keeps your website's contents on its servers and distributes them to your readers' and clients' browsers, is the first step in developing your online presence. Readers endorse Bluehost, an Business Choice winner. 

The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023: Best WordPress Hosting For 2023

Monthly data transfers, storage, email, and other amenities differ amongst web hosting services. Even how you pay (month-to-month vs. annual payments) can differ dramatically, so taking the time to map out exactly what your firm requires for online success is critical. Many of these firms also provide reseller hosting services, which allow you to start your own business by providing hosting to your own customers without having to set up your own servers.

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The Best Web Hosting Deals This Week


  • HostGator (Opens in a new window)— $2.64 Per Month + Free Domain Registration (List Price $6.95 Per Month)
  • (Opens in a new window)— $3.75 Per Month for Basic Plan
  • GoDaddy (Opens in a new window)— $5.99 Per Month for Economy Plan (List Price $8.99 Per Month)
  • BlueHost (Opens in a new window)— $2.75 Per Month for Shared Hosting (List Price $9.99 Per Month)
  • Hostinger Web Hosting (Opens in a new window)— $1.99 Per Month for Single Shared (List Price $9.99 Per Month)


 You should also become acquainted with the various web hosting tiers that are offered. During your investigation, you will come across shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated, and WordPress hosting plans. Each tier has different specifications and features that you should investigate. We'll go over them in detail.

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What Is Shared Web Hosting?


Shared hosting is web hosting in which numerous sites are hosted on a single server by the provider. Site A, for example, shares the same server as Sites B, C, D, and E. The advantage is that because several sites split the server cost, shared web hosting is often quite cheap. It is low-cost web hosting. In fact, you may select a plan for under $10 per month.

Consider the sites that share your server to be your housemates; there isn't much separating you from them. You can close the bedroom door, but they can still give you nightmares in the kitchen and bathroom. Because all of the sites share a single server's resources, large traffic spikes on Site A may have an influence on the performance of the nearby sites. It's even feasible that another site might completely take down the shared server if it failed strongly enough the Best Web Hosting Provider in 2023.

What Is VPS Web Hosting?


VPS hosting is comparable to shared hosting in the sense that numerous sites use the same server, but that is where the similarities end. VPS hosting is analogous to renting your own apartment in a larger building. You're much more secluded than in the last roommate situation; it's still possible that a nearby apartment would disturb you, but it's far less likely. In terms of web hosting, Site A's traffic surge will have no effect on Site B or Site C. VPS hosting is, predictably, more expensive than shared hosting. You'll pay between $20 and $60 per month.

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What Exactly Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is powerful as well as expensive. It's only for sites that require a massive quantity of server resources.

Dedicated hosting, as opposed to shared or VPS hosting, makes your website the only tenant on a server. To continue with the housing metaphor, having a dedicated server is equivalent to owning your own home. This means that your website uses all of the server's resources and pays for the privilege. If you want a powerful site—an online mansion for your company—dedicated hosting is the way to go. However, many dedicated web hosting packages assign you to handle backend, technical concerns, similar to how homeowners manage maintenance that renters typically leave to their landlords.

Many web hosting companies provide managed hosting in addition to dedicated hosting. In this case, the web host acts as your IT department, handling server maintenance, and upkeep. This hosting option is generally seen with dedicated servers, making it a business-oriented addition. Naturally, it raises the hosting cost a few dollars, but nothing that should break the bank if you have the means for a dedicated server.

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The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023: Best WordPress Hosting For 2023

What Exactly Is WordPress Web Hosting?

WordPress hosting is for users who want to develop their websites using's popular content management system (CMS). This free, open-source blogging and site-building platform allows you to set up shop in a variety of ways. 

When you construct a self-hosted site, you obtain the most web-building functionality. This usually entails either migrating the free WordPress CMS to a server or enrolling in a web host's optimized WordPress package. With an optimized plan, the host handles backend tasks automatically, so you don't have to worry about updating plug-ins and CMS or enabling automated backups. The WordPress environment is often pre-installed on the server in these cases.

You can also host your website on, but this is not the same as the hosting described above. employs the same code as, but it conceals the server code and handles hosting for you. In that regard, it is similar to the entries in our roundup of online site builders. It's a less flexible and adaptable approach to WordPress hosting. It is unquestionably simpler, but if you want to fiddle, adjust, and optimize every part of your site, it may not be for you.


Advantages for Business

When it comes time to get started, seek a web host that provides the aforementioned dedicated servers, as well as advanced cloud server platforms (such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud), bespoke server builds if necessary, and 24/7 customer support. Depending on the nature of your business, you may require a web server that can manage page views or visits in the thousands or millions. Many popular hosting plans include an onboarding specialist who can assist you in getting started.

If you intend to sell a product, seek a web host that provides a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which encrypts data between the customer's browser and the webserver to protect buying information. SSL is the green padlock that shows in your web browser's address bar when you visit an online financial institution or retail business. Some businesses provide an SSL certificate for free; others may charge you around $100 per year for that added security layer.

Additional Web Hosting Information

If you're not sure what type of hosting your company requires, you might start small with shared web hosting. In the future, you can always upgrade to a more robust, feature-rich package such as VPS hosting or even dedicated hosting. Unfortunately, some hosts do not provide all forms of hosting. Before committing to anything longer than a one-year plan, consider how much and how quickly you want your website to expand. It is worthwhile to invest the time upfront to ensure that the host you choose is capable of providing the development you envisage for your site, as switching web hosting providers midstream is not a simple task.

After you've determined your budget, evaluate how long you'll require web hosting. If it's a short-term project—say, less than a month or two—you can usually get a refund if you cancel within 60 days. Some businesses provide 30-day money-back guarantees, while others provide 90-day money-back guarantees. Once again, doing your homework is beneficial. 

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The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023: Best WordPress Hosting For 2023

The Web Hosting Features You Must Have


Many web servers start with minimal functionality and then extend their offers (often dramatically) for higher-tier services. Read the fine print to ensure that the plan you choose meets your requirements. If you require a site builder program to develop your website, ensure that the low-cost web host you choose includes one. Many of them demand you to pay an additional fee for the function Object() { [native code] }. Website builders aren't particularly expensive, but if you can locate a web host that includes one for free, that's money in your pocket. And, if it's connected with your hosting service, you'll have a more seamless, supported experience.

You also want a web host that offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if not by phone. Forums, knowledge bases, and support tickets are all great, but sometimes you just need to talk to another human to have things figured out as soon as possible. However, not all 24-hour customer service teams are created equal. GoDaddy and Liquid Web have extremely competent and helpful customer care teams, which we validated in our in-depth reviews of their web hosting providers. 

When it comes to server operating systems, Linux is usually the go-to choice. Nonetheless, some firms provide an option between Linux and Windows Server hosting. If you have specific server-side programs that require Windows, such as SQL Server or a custom.NET application, you must ensure that your web host offers Windows hosting. But don't be put off by the thought of being a Linux host. Most web providers now provide a graphical interface or a control panel to help with server administration and website maintenance. You'll click easily identifiable icons instead of typing at the command line.

Windows hosting is frequently more expensive than Linux hosting, particularly on dedicated servers. That isn't always the case, but it's something to keep in mind while you browse the Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023.

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Email Hosting


You must have an email if you want to have a web presence. It's a quick and easy way for prospective customers and clients to send you a message, Word document, or other assets. Fortunately, most site servers offer email in their hosting packages. Some web providers provide limitless email account creation (excellent for future expansion), while others provide a fixed number. You should, of course, desire unlimited email.

However, not all web providers provide an email. For example, WP Engine does not. In such cases, you must open email accounts with a business different than your site host. GoDaddy, for example, offers email services beginning at $5.99 per user, per month. That may sound like a headache and another thing to remember, but some webmasters believe that separating your email hosting and web hosting services is a good idea. That way, if one service goes down, your business won't be ruined.


Uptime, Uptime, and More Uptime!

The aforementioned features are beneficial to the web hosting experience, but none are more important than site uptime. Clients or consumers will be unable to find you or access your products or services if your website is unavailable. 

We've included uptime monitoring in our assessment process, and the findings demonstrate that the vast majority of web hosts perform a good job of keeping sites up and operating. Web hosts with poor uptime are highly punished during the assessment process and are ineligible for top ratings.

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Marketing and e-commerce

One thing we discovered while reviewing the services listed here (and others) is that, while the packages are comparable, they are not identical. Some are more security-focused than others, with anti-spam and anti-malware technologies available at all price points. Others provide a wide range of email marketing solutions. While the majority of the hosts we've tested include built-in e-commerce, you may want to explore a more robust third-party e-commerce platform, such as our Editor's Choice selections, Shopify and Wix Stores.

If you're looking for a solid web hosting service, have a look at the chart below for's top selections. After that, click the links below to read our in-depth, tried-and-true reviews of the biggest and greatest names in web hosting Best Web Hosting Providers.

If you're just starting to start in web hosting, be sure to read our primers, How to Build a Website and How to Manage a Website. Registering a Domain Name for Your Website, How to Get a Free Domain Name for Your Website, and the Best Website-Building Courses for the Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023.

The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2023: Best WordPress Hosting For 2023

The Best Web Hosting Services