Dizo Wireless Power Neckband will be available in February 21, On Flipkart in India.

In India, the Dizo Wireless Power Neckband earbuds will be available on February 21. The neckband's full characteristics and pricing are listed below.

Dizo Wireless Power Neckband will be available in February 21, On Flipkart in India.
Dizo Wireless Power Neckband earbuds

On February 21, Dizo will release the Dizo Wireless Power, a new pair of Bluetooth neckband earbuds. The corporation used social media to announce the launch of its new product. The Dizo Wireless Power is currently available for pre-order on Flipkart, revealing the price and details of the impending neckband earbuds.

The Dizo Wireless Power, as the name suggests, will be largely focused on providing consumers with a longer battery life of 18 hours. Noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.2, 88ms low latency, rapid charging support, and more will be included. Let's look at the price, specifications, and benefits of the Dizo Wireless Power Neckband earphone in India.

Dizo Wireless Power Neckband Price in India

In India, the Dizo Wireless Power Bluetooth earphones will cost Rs 2,499 and will come in three colours: black, green, and violet-blue. It will be formally released on February 21st at 12 p.m., and we can expect it to be on sale the same day.

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Specifications and Features

On Flipkart, the Dizo Wireless Power neckband product page has gone up, revealing the earbuds' price and specifications. The 11.2mm drivers are improved with the Bass Boost+ technology. The business claims that their Wireless Power neckband can provide up to 18 hours of listening time. It will take two hours to fully charge the 150mAh battery, and ten minutes of charging will provide up to two hours of playback.

By clipping the magnetic earbuds together, they can be turned off, and by separating them, they can be turned off. The Wireless Power earphones are Bluetooth v5.2 compatible and include a game mode that reduces latency to 88ms. Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) is included, which makes the call heard even in a noisy area. These neckbands are water-resistant to IPX4 standards.

The Dizo Wireless Power earphones have a control button that allows users to conduct a range of operations. The Realme Link app will be compatible with it.

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