GTA 6 trailer, screenshots, unveiling, and release dates have been announced.

A member of the GTA 6 Reddit community has predicted when the game's unveiling, trailer, screenshots, and release date will take place.

GTA 6 trailer, screenshots, unveiling, and release dates have been announced.
GTA 6 trailer, screenshots

On the GTA 6 Reddit community thread, a gamer created a chart with their predictions for when we can expect the GTA 6 trailer, unveiling and release dates, as well as official screenshots.

And, as seen in the chart below, there's plenty to be excited about, including a full GTA 6 announcement and trailer dropping this year.

The graph was created by GTA 6 Reddit community member OK-Crow8060 and spans a three-year period beginning today and ending in 2022. This year, we anticipate a GTA 6 announcement and the release of the game's first trailer, while 2023 anticipates another trailer and the release of official screenshots. Finally, we see a trailer, launch trailer, and release date in 2024.

In terms of how accurate these predictions are, gamers responding to the post's thread appear to believe they are quite accurate, with user AnonymousScout360, for example, stating, "I actually agree with this and think it's reasonable."

We honestly don't know when GTA 6 will be announced or released right now because there has been so much conflicting information. OK-timeline Cros8060's seems reasonable, and it corresponds with some of the rumours we've heard, but so much is unknown, and there are so many variables at play, that it could end up being months or even years away.

After all, it was only a few weeks ago that T3 reported that GTA 6 is apparently stuck in development hell and that we might not see anything for a long time.

Our true position at T3 is, however, as follows. We don't mind how long it takes to make GTA 6, as long as Rockstar delivers. And by deliver, we mean create a game that addresses all of GTA V's flaws.

What should Rockstar do to make such a game a reality? Gamers have already created a wish list that would result in GTA 6 being rated 10/10, as well as some seriously smart innovations that would take open world games to a whole new level of awesomeness. So let's hope Rockstar is looking into it.

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