Horizon Forbidden West: New Gameplay Footage Demonstrates How to Face Off Against Various Enemies

Aloy is going to have to face some new foes.

Horizon Forbidden West: New Gameplay Footage Demonstrates How to Face Off Against Various Enemies
Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn's unique gameplay and adversary variety were certainly one of the elements that made it one of the top games of the console age. Guerrilla has highlighted new enemy types as well as the various strategies and tactics players will be able to employ in Horizon Forbidden West to outsmart Aloy's foes in a PlayStation Blog post.

Guerrilla has always prioritized freedom of choice in Horizon Zero Dawn, and it appears that this will continue in Horizon Forbidden West. The game's main principle will be player freedom and choice during encounters in the open world, and the new video and snippets demonstrate how it will function. "Aloy is a sharp and agile combatant," says Combat Designer Charles Perrin. "The resources at her disposal in Horizon Forbidden West provide a wide range of techniques that allow her to combat with physically stronger opponents - from fully armored humans to extremely huge machines."

Horizon Forbidden West: New enemy types and combat

Another major goal for the development team was to give players the impression that Aloy has improved her abilities and confidence since the previous game. Her movements, particularly the grapple mechanic, demonstrate this, as she is considerably more agile and resourceful. Furthermore, small details such as her physical effort when she's pushed up on steeper inclines lend richness to the animations.

"We wanted adversaries to feel more authentic by enhancing the fluidity and consistency of motion, such as making enemies (and companions) more capable of crossing tough terrain," explains Arjen Beij, Lead AI Programmer. "In Horizon Zero Dawn, the AI previously supported certain dynamic terrain changes, but we wanted to take it a step further by making jumping and climbing a fundamental component of their behavior." While you're playing the game, the AI will be looking for ways to cut corners where there was previously a long detour."

One of the most significant improvements to the formula is that more machines are now capable of swimming and diving, allowing them to pursue Aloy underwater.

New enemy types

Horizon Forbidden West will feature all-new 'awe-inspiring' machines that are both terrifying and fascinating. They will not, however, be Aloy's lone adversary in her exploits, as the new increased number of human foes will present a unique challenge.

New opponent classes with their unique combat behavior and functions will be introduced in Horizon Forbidden West. According to Charles Perrin, Combat Designer, the combat team developed a fascinating new element to make switching between ranged and close combat feel even more gratifying. "The resonator blast rewards players who use spear combos by stacking energy in the resonator of Aloy's spear every time she attacks with melee." This energy can be directed at the enemy and will adhere to them for a brief period of time."

Horizon Forbidden West is set to debut on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18, 2022.