Best Gaming Chair 2023: Best Budget Gaming Chair the Best PC Gaming Chairs

We tested Best Gaming Chairs from DXRacer, Secretlab, and other brands to help you choose the correct size and design.

Best Gaming Chair 2023: Best Budget Gaming Chair the Best PC Gaming Chairs
Best gaming chair 2022

It's a new year, and what better gift than a gaming chair for working and relaxing? It serves as a gaming throne as well as a comfortable study chair.

Investing in a high-quality PC gaming chair with an ergonomic design is one of the finest ways to improve your gaming experience. However, if you explore online, you'll discover that determining whether a gaming chair is comfy and ergonomic is difficult. Many PC gaming chairs have similar looks and provide a bewildering assortment of amenities, such as padded armrests, retractable footrests, bucket chairs, neck pillows, adjustable lumbar support, and so on. And judging a PC gaming chair requires firsthand (well, maybe not -hand...) experience.

    Our recommendations for the best gamer chair should take the guesswork out of your quest. The chairs we've chosen (and the majority of the ones we looked into) have a lot in common, such as caster wheels and chair padding for added comfort and ergonomic gameplay. Adjustable spider bases and 3D or 4D armrests that move up and down, front and backward, and rotate inward and out are further commonalities. All of them would also work well as office chairs.

    A decent backrest and lumbar support are also important in your search for the finest gaming chair. Look for a video game chair that is both robust and appropriate for your size. Our top selections for the best gaming chair are listed below. This list will be updated on a regular basis.

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    A fully outfitted DXRacer Master Modular gaming chair resembles something out of a science fiction film... or a dentist's clinic. Despite its outward appearance, this $499 (AU700; not available in the UK) chair is quite comfy and functional, particularly if you use multiple devices while gaming and working.

    The chair is upholstered in microfiber leather and has an aluminum base that accommodates persons weighing up to 275 pounds. It comes in black, maroon, and brown (124.7kg). It's best for someone 6 feet tall, although it can fit someone up to 6 foot 6 (1.9m). The weight of the chair is just around 70 pounds.

    Internal lumbar support is included in the Master Series, which is a positive for me because it eliminates the need to fumble with a cushion. The same can be said about the cushion's headrest, which is mounted to the rail. Padded 4D locking armrests are not only comfy, but they also stay in position when used to assist you in getting out of the chair. The standard Chair cushion is comfy and tapers slightly upward at the ends, making it easier for people with wider bottoms to sit in. For those who want to stay cool with extra ventilation, DXRacer also offers a mesh Chair cushion. That's only the beginning of the customizations.

    With a cup holder (no more desk spills) and two arms that support a few different gadgets, this chair stands out from the crowd. One arm can hold a laptop, while the other can handle a tablet or phone. The integrated leg rest that glides underneath the base is the cherry on top. All modular add-ons are available for purchase individually.

    The chair comes with all of the tools needed to put it together. It is heavier than a standard gaming chair due to its unusual design and may require assistance to assemble. That said, once completed, the chair is quite comfortable to sit in, and it's ideal for a situation like mine, where I have my personal computer on my desk and my business laptop on the Master Series arm.

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    There are a few compelling reasons to choose the Razer Iskur above the other options on this list for $499 (£299, AU800). If you like the Razer brand, for example, it's a no-brainer. This is a chair for Gamers, by Gamers, from its luminous green stitching to its three-headed snake emblem to the snake-belly pattern on the back support.

    The chair is coated in thick synthetic leather that, according to Razer, will not peel like ordinary polyurethane leather. It has a leather-like feel to it, which is lovely, but it also creaks and squeaks like leather. Regardless, if it lasts longer than a regular PU chair, it's a good investment.

    The Iskur is made for gamers who weigh up to 299 pounds (136 kg) and stand between 5 feet, 6 inches, and 6 feet, 2 inches tall (170 cm to 190 cm). I'm about 200 pounds (90.7 kg) and 6 feet 2 inches tall, and it feels just right. When you're gaming or working at a desk, you want a Chair cushion that is firm and supportive. This isn't the fluffy recliner on wheels you're searching for. Similarly, the Chair cushion's angled sides embrace your hips, providing a little extra support out to the sides. It appeals to me, but if you prefer a flat, open Chair or have wide hips, you may not.

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    The wide, softly cushioned armrests are a nice touch. Paddles under the outside edge allow you to change the height, while buttons on the interior allow you to slide the rests left and right. You may slide the rests forward and backward, as well as rotate them in and out, by pressing the buttons on the front inner edge of the rests themselves. In other words, you can dial in the exact position you choose. The chair can be adjusted in height. The back of the chair reclines, and the entire chair tilts, allowing you to sit back and fantasize about how you'll destroy your foes.

    The most notable feature that distinguishes this chair from the rest is its lumbar support. Unlike competing models at this price point, the Iskur does not rely on a detachable pillow that must be adjusted on a regular basis. Instead, sculpted support lifts forward like a snake with a belly full of the mouse when you lift a paddle under the chair.

    A three-year guarantee covers the chair, and you can obtain tech help if you need it. You also have 14 days to return it if you buy directly from Razer. Josh Goldman is a writer.