Best Xbox gaming headset for you 2023

Looking for a new Xbox One or Xbox Series X headset? From simple budget devices under $50 to high-end, feature-packed powerhouses, the Best Xbox gaming headsets here are our current top recommendations.

Best Xbox gaming headset for you 2023
Best Xbox gaming headset

If you wish to utilize headphones while gaming on the Xbox One or the forthcoming Xbox Series X, you can put any old regular pair with a mic into the controller's 3.5mm connector. It's important to note that we mentioned you can do it, not that you should. Even a semi-serious player will tell you that a good pair of gaming headphones may be the difference between a successful raid and a humiliating failure due to poor game audio.

Many Xbox users, whether they have an Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X, prefer to use a wired Best Xbox gaming headset because it can be hooked into the already wireless controller. It's also worth mentioning that many if not all, wired gaming headsets are compatible with the PlayStation 5, as well as Windows PCs, Macs, and the Nintendo Switch.

There are many wireless headset options if you want to get rid of the cord that connects the controller to your headphones. The good news is that most of them don't require a USB dongle to connect wirelessly (most PS4 wireless headsets do, for example). Microsoft's Xbox Wireless technology enables you to instantly connect to your Xbox without the use of a dongle. Models that require dongles are listed in the table below.

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We primarily considered design (build quality), comfort, and sound quality, as well as added features (think noise cancellation, noise isolation, detachable microphone, and Bluetooth connectivity), as well as affordability, while making these selections. Some even have to surround sound options! We also considered mic quality, which is very significant if your gaming session involves group cooperation. You can't strategize if you can't be heard!

Finally, all of the Xbox One wireless Best Xbox gaming headsets listed below will work with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as far as we know.

Let's speak about the finest Xbox gaming headset now that we've established the basics. These are the findings of our own home-based testing, which are updated on a regular basis, and include some suggestions from GameSpot's top gaming headphones list. Any of these can significantly improve your gaming experience, particularly when you're settling in for a long session.

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