Hublot Big Bang is a typical crypto millionaire's watch.

Big Bang by Hublot Unico Ledger is a typical crypto millionaire's watch.

Hublot Big Bang is a typical crypto millionaire's watch.
Hublot Big Bang smartwatch

Hublot has unveiled the Big Bang Unico Ledger, a new timepiece developed in collaboration with Ledger, a digital asset network with over 4 million users globally. The watch tries to combine high-end cryptography with traditional watchmaking.

The Big Bang Unico Ledger bundle consists of three main components: the watch, a limited-edition Ledger Nano X crypto wallet, and a beautiful sapphire watch box.

To begin, let's look at the watch, which is based on the Big Bang Unico. It has a 42mm black ceramic casing and an in-house automatic chronograph mechanism that is skeletonized.

The watch's high-contrast bezel is cast in solid "Electrum," a natural gold and silver alloy used by Lydian cultures to make the earliest known coins in roughly 580-590 BC. Hublot's research and development department created a special stainless version of the alloy with a 50/50 gold-silver combination for the watch.

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The Latin motto "Vires in Numeris," which means "Strength in Numbers," is stamped six times into the outside edge of the bezel.

The case back is etched with the Ledger logo and the 50-piece limited-edition number, aiming to embody the essence of the world's oldest and newest currencies.

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The Ledger and Hublot Nano X, a limited-edition crypto key that will only be available with the watch, are included in the box. Ledger's hallmark digital asset wallet, the Nano X, is a Bluetooth-enabled piece of hardware for securely encrypting, safeguarding, and managing crypto-assets. The Nano X is matte black in colour and features both Ledger and Hublot logos.

Both the watch and the wallet will be packaged in a unique presentation box made of translucent smoked black sapphire, which was chosen to represent the transparency and security of blockchain and decentralized currency.

The case also makes a satirical allusion to the old vaults and safes' solid, formerly impregnable nature, which serve no purpose when it comes to digital valuables.

Hublot thinks that the Big Bang Unico Ledger will be remembered as a game-changer — the first timepiece to flawlessly combine great watchmaking and high-end crypto technology.

'Hublot loves crypto!' reads the press release.

The watch is now offered for $28,300 USD, with no word on whether you'll be able to purchase it with Ethereum or Bitcoin.