What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

Let us know in detail in the article “ What is a computer output device ” and “ How many types of computer output devices are there.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?
What is Output Device

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?: Today on this page we will discuss what is output device? In this section, we will get a complete idea about the different types of output devices as well as discuss about them. As you know that computer requires different types of components to work properly. As important and useful as the input device is for the computer, equally useful is the output device for the computer.

Different output devices connected to the computer provide us with different types of facilities. Sound is heard through an output device, then all the options of the computer are shown to us through an output device.

Let us know in detail in the article “ What is a computer output device  ” and “ How many types of computer output devices are there.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

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What is Output Device?

Output devices in a computer are devices that process raw (raw) data and display the result on the screen. What data the computer has to process, it is ordered by the user like us and you through the input device.

Output devices display output in different ways. Such as in the form of words, in the form of photo, in the form of hard copy or in the form of audio or video. Output in Hindi is called Nirgam and in Hindi language the output device is called Nirgam Tool.

Definition of Output Device

By receiving and processing the instructions received by the computer through the input device, displaying or providing them in the form of hard copy or soft copy is done by the output device.

The word output is derived from two words out and put, out of which means outside and put means to keep.

The major output devices of a computer include monitors, speakers, printers, etc. When you watch a video or watch a movie or listen to music or take a printout of a document on a computer, all these tasks are accomplished through the output device only. All output devices connected with the computer have different functions.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

Output Device Type

There are many types of computer output devices, out of which information about some of the major types is being given to you in detail below.

1: Monitor

Monitors are counted among the major output devices of the computer. It is also considered an important hardware component of the computer. It works to show all the information or data found on the computer as a soft copy on the monitor screen.

It means to say that the screen on which you see all the options of the computer is called the monitor and the screen of the monitor is called the monitor screen. Apart from this, the monitor is also known as the Visual Display Unit.

Performing all the work properly on the computer is possible only because of the monitor, because if the monitor screen gets damaged or the computer does not have a monitor screen, then we will not see any option of the computer.

Due to which we will have to face a lot of problems in doing any work on the computer. It is because of the monitor screen that we are able to send emails, play games on the computer, do data entry and web browsing. There are also many types of computer's output device monitors, let's get to know about them as well.

CRT Monitor

CRT monitors use cathode ray tubes, which are similar to vacuum tubes, to produce images as video signals.

In CRT monitors, a very large tube is attached in which the electron beam is transmitted. The electron beam is controlled by high voltage. The screen of a CRT monitor looks similar to the screen of a TV.

The main components of a CRT monitor are the electron gun assembly, the deflection plate assembly, and the fluorescent screen. Where the image is produced in the outer surface of this monitor is called the faceplate, which is made by fiber-optic.

In the present times, LCD screens have left behind CRT monitors, but despite this, CRT monitors are still used by graphic professionals due to the color quality.

LCD Monitor

The full name of LCD monitor is Liquid Crystal Display. The screen in the LCD monitor has two layers available and liquid crystal is placed in the middle of both the layers, which is applied through voltage and the display is achieved.

In today's time, the laptop that you are using in your homes, LCD monitor screen is used extensively in it.

LCD monitors are based on liquid crystal display technology, which is used on the screens of tablets, smart phones and laptops. An LCD screen has a matrix of pixels that serve to display images on the screen.

Today's LCD monitors use active matrix technology and have thin film transistors with capacitors. Because of this, the things that come on the screen do not appear blurry, but are clearly visible.


LED monitors are considered to be an improved version of LCD monitors. The display of an LED monitor is a flat panel and it uses liquid crystal display technology. As used in LCD monitors. The full meaning of LED is Light Emitting Diode.

Organic light emitting diodes are used in LED monitors, with the help of which it is able to achieve the capability of displaying a digital display. For your information, want to tell that the refresh rate of LED monitor is very good and its size is very thin as compared to LCD monitor.

That's why it easily fits on the walls and its weight is also light. LED displays are being used in modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, LED TVs, laptops and computer screens, etc. Due to which the quality of brightness of these devices has become very excellent and this device uses very little power. have been

Plasma Monitor

Flat panel display is also available in plasma monitors. Plasma display technology is used in this. In a plasma monitor, the tiny cells are present between two glass panels. Noble gas and a small amount of mercury are filled in these cells.

In a plasma monitor, as soon as the power supply is turned on, the cells turn into plasma and ultraviolet light, due to which the photo appears on the screen. High-resolution such as 1920 X 1080  is provided by plasma monitors  . Apart from this, the contract ratio of this monitor is also very good, as well as the refresh rate of plasma monitors is also very good.

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What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

2: Printer

Printer is used to get any object or word or photo visible on the screen of a computer device by printing it on a paper and getting it as a hard copy. Printers do not come inbuilt with any computer, but the printer is an output device as well as an external device.

So you can connect the printer with the computer when you need it and disconnect the printer from the computer when you don't need it.

Ever since the invention of the printer, many types of printers have been launched in the market, which have one or the other special features. The main types of information on the different types of printers are as follows.

Dot Matrix printer

Dot matrix printers have an ink ribbon. Through this ribbon, the photo and words are printed on a plain page by a dot matrix printer. Dot matrix printers are counted in impact printers. This type of printer can print only one word at a time.

A dot matrix printer has a head at the top. This head rounds from side to side to print the photo and text.

Dot matrix printer was first proposed in the year 1957 by IBM i.e. International Business Machine. However, in the year 1970, the dot matrix printer was developed by Centronics. Dot matrix printer sprays thousands of inks on the page to do the printing job.

Laser printer

Laser printer is a non impact printer. It uses a laser beam to print words on paper. In a laser printer, the laser beam touches the drum, due to which photos or words or objects are printed on the page. Laser printers have been in use since the 1970s.

However, the first laser printer was introduced in 1975 by the IBM company for use with its mainframe computers. After this, in the year 1984, Hewlett-Packard developed and invented the laser printer for normal people.

 The technology of this laser printer is similar to Xerox technology. Laser printers are being used on a large scale at present, because laser printers print objects, words or photos very quickly and in high quality.

Inkjet printer

Inkjet printer is a nonimpact type of printer, which is used to print photos, words or objects from a computer. Two types of cartridges are used in this type of printer, in which the first is black and the second cartridge is colour.

In an inkjet printer, its head is present on the bottom of the cartridge, in which a very small nozzle is attached.

Through this, their drops go on the paper and do the work of printing. The best thing about inkjet printers is that the ink used by it for printing dries very quickly after getting on the paper. A good quality inkjet printer can print up to 250 words per second.

Line Printer

Line printer is type of impact printer, also known as bar printer. Line printer has the capacity to print one line at a time. It is high speed impact printer which can print from 500 to 3000 lines in 1 minute. The prime examples of line printers are drum printer and chain printer.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

3: Speaker

Speakers are also counted among the major output devices of the computer. The speakers which come inbuilt with the computer are called inbuilt computer speakers and the speakers which you connect separately with the computer are called external computer speakers.

When you play any video or audio in the computer, we hear the sound in it only because of the output device like the speaker.

Because the electronic channel is converted into sound by the speaker, due to which we hear the sound, no matter what language it is. A component called sound card is also available in the computer, with the help of which sound is produced in the computer.

Now in such a situation, the speaker that it is, it produces the sound coming out of this sound card very fast. Many computers come with speakers already installed, while many computers can have separate speakers.

There are also two types of speakers, out of which no internal amplifier is available in the passive speaker. You have to use wire to connect this speaker with the amplifier, whereas the internal amplifier is already inbuilt in the power speaker.

There are some other types of speakers whose names are as follows.

  • computer speaker
  • loudspeaker
  • subwoofer
  • studio monitor
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • outdoor speaker
  • floor standing speaker
  • satellite speaker
  • in wall ceiling speaker
  • bookshelf speakers
  • tower speaker

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4: Projector

Projector is also an important output device of computer. Sometimes a person needs it. If you want to show something running on a computer on a big screen on a wall, then in such a situation you need a projector.

The light of the thing which has to be projected by the projector is sent to a big screen or wall, due to which the activity in the computer becomes visible on the wall or on the big screen.

Tell that to use the projector, it is necessary for the surface to be straight and white in color, only then you will be able to see the objects clearly. Large-scale use of projectors is generally in such a place where a large group of people need to show a video or photo or any content.

In present times, projectors are mostly used in business meetings, training, movie halls and classrooms. CRT Projector, LCD Projector, DLP Projector etc. are the main types of projectors.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

5: Plotter

Plotter is also an important output device that works like a printer. Although there is a lot of variation in this and the printer.

With the help of a plotter, you can achieve good quality graphics on any large size paper. Want to tell that a multi color pen is available in the plotter.

With the help of this, based on the instructions given by the computer through the plotter, a line drawing is made on a plain page. If you want to create banner, poster or map or chart or graph then you can use output device like plotter with computer.

Drum Plotters, Flatbed plotters, Cutting Plotters, Inkjet Plotters, Electrostatic Plotters etc. are the main types of plotters.

6: Headphone

Headphones are used to listen to the sound of any audio playing in the computer or to listen to the sound of any song. It's the kind of output device you need just in case.

When you want to hear clearly the sound coming from the computer. You have to put the headphones in your ears and you have to insert its audio jack into the fixed port of the computer.

By doing this, you will clearly hear the sound of the sound running on the computer very close to your ears, due to which you will get a lot of sound quality.

Often, headphones are used by people with a computer at a place where they are looking at something on the computer but they are not getting a clear sound.

In such a situation, when he puts on the headphones, he can hear everything on the computer very clearly. The sound that comes in the headphones connected to the computer can only be heard by the person who is wearing the headphones.

Many such headphones come in which the mic is also attached, through which you can also talk. Headphones are considered to be the bigger version of ear phones.

There are many types of headphones according to the requirement of the user, whose names are as follows.

  • Circumaural Over-Ear Headphone
  • Supra-aural Headphone
  • Earphone
  • In-ear Headphone
  • Open- or closed-back

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7: Speech Synthesizer

It is a computer output device with latest technology, with the help of which the written words can be converted into voice format.

This output device is extensively used for the treatment of blind and dumb people or for such people.

8: GPS

The full meaning of GPS is Global Positioning System. It is a satellite-based radio navigation system operating under the United States of America and operated by the United States Space Force.

GPS is used to find out the exact location, time and speed on land, sea and sky.

Whatever the weather, the GPS works smoothly. Through this you can easily reach any place even if you do not know the way to that place.

For this, you just have to take the help of GPS and set the location from where you are to where you want to go. After this, GPS automatically tells you which way you have to reach your destination.

There are also many types of GPS, of which the names of the main types are as follows.

  • Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
  • Simultaneous GPS (S-GPS)
  • Differential GPS (D-GPS)
  • Non-differential GPS
  • Mapping GPS
  • Non-mapping GPS

9: 3D Printer

3D printer is also a computer output device that provides the user with the facility to print an object as a photo in 3D dimension.

3D printer is also called additive manufacturing. Let us tell you that 3D printer is the latest technology that helps business to cut investment and develop new way of production capacity.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

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10: Video Card

Video card is also known as Graphics card, Display card, Graphics adapter, GPU, VGA card, VGA, Video adapter, Video controller or Display adapter. The video card acts as an extension card.

The video card in the computer serves to generate the output image footage on the display device, such as a projector. To connect the video card to the computer, an Expansion Slot is installed in the motherboard of the computer, where it has to be installed.

Why Does a Computer Need an Output Device?

Want to tell that computers can do their work even without an output device, but when the command is given to the computer by you, then you will not be able to see the result, then how will you be able to work on the computer, so the output device for a computer It is considered very important to have

For example, if you want to listen to a song in a computer, then you will need two output devices, the first is the monitor and the second is the speaker, because only when the monitor is there, you will be able to give the command to play the song to the computer and when the speaker is there, the song will be played by the speaker. I will ring

Importance of Computer Output Devices

All its parts are very important for the computer. Similarly, output devices also have a lot of importance for the computer. Output devices such as the monitor of the computer work to show the result, as well as to show all the options present in the computer.

Apart from this, output devices like computer speakers help us to hear the sound of the activity going on in the computer.

Through the computer's own output device headphones, we can clearly hear the sound running in the computer in our ears. It has become possible only because of the output device that you can watch videos, listen to songs in the computer.

One can read a word on the computer screen or see an object or take a print out of a document. As important as the input device is for a computer, equally important is the output device.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

Examples of Output Devices

Some of the major examples of computer output devices are as follows.

  • Monitor
  • printer
  • Speaker
  • projector
  • plotter
  • headphones
  • speed synthesizer
  • ear phone
  • sound card

Definition of Output Device

Such devices of the computer through which the computer is able to achieve the result are called output devices of the computer. If it is said in even easier language, then the device through which the computer works to show the result, that device is called output device. Such as speaker, printer, monitor etc.

It is not possible to get the result from the computer due to non-availability of the output device. Without output devices, you cannot even know what actions have been taken by the computer and what results have been given as well as what processing the computer is doing at the present time.

For example, if the output device like the monitor of the computer gets damaged, then in such a situation, if you want to do any calculation, then you will not be able to do that, because you will not know that what you are typing is actually being typed. Whether it is or not because the monitor itself shows all the options on the computer screen.

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Output Device Function

Computer has not only one but many output devices, whose work is different. For example, if we talk about the monitor output device of the computer, then all the options are shown to us on the computer screen through the monitor. Apart from this, it is also shown whether the action we are taking is happening or not.

Apart from this, when we play a video or play a sound or play a game on the computer, its sound is played through the output device called the speaker of the computer.

Apart from this, if we need to print any word or photo or object present on the computer on paper, then for this an output device like printer is employed. Thus all the output devices connected to the computer handle different tasks.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

20 Output device names

Below you have been provided the names of 20 output devices.

  • Monitor
  • printer
  • Audio
  • Speaker
  • headphones
  • projector
  • GPS
  • sound card
  • video card
  • braille reader
  • plotter
  • Earpods
  • Television
  • thermometer
  • oximeter
  • oscilloscope
  • projector
  • Touch Screen
  • braille printer
  • thermal printer
  • 3D printer

10 Examples of Output Devices

Following are 10 examples of output devices.

  • Monitor
  • printer
  • Audio
  • Speaker
  • headphones
  • projector
  • GPS
  • sound card
  • video card
  • plotter

5 Output device names

The names of the five output devices are as follows.

  • Monitor
  • printer
  • Audio
  • Speaker
  • headphones

What are Output Devices?

Output devices are such devices, which, after processing the instructions given by the input device of the computer, display its result as a hard copy.

There are different types of output devices in the computer, whose way of working and their work is different. Computer's monitor, printer, plotter, projector, headphones, etc. are all output devices.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

Use of Output Devices

All the output devices of the computer have different uses. Below you are given information about the use of major output devices.


You need to use the output device called headphones of the computer when you want to hear any sound running in the computer clearly close to your ears. For this, you have to connect the headphones to your computer. After this, all the sound of the computer is heard loudly in your ears through the headphones.


All computers already come with an inbuilt output device called Monitor. An output device called a monitor is used to view anything on a computer. Then whether that thing is a video, an audio, an object, a word or a person's face.


Suppose you are seeing a word or a photo on the computer and you want to get it on a plain page in color or in black and white format.

So in this case you will need to connect the output device named printer with your computer. Printer output device has the power to print whatever is visible on the computer screen on a plain page.


Most computers have inbuilt sound ie speaker, so in some computers you can also install external sound. Whatever runs on the computer, if there is sound in it, then you hear that sound only because of the sound.

If the computer's speaker gets damaged, then you will not hear the sound properly or will not be heard at all.


Suppose you have a need to show something running on a computer on a wall or on a white screen in a large size, then in this case you should use a projector as the output device of the computer.

Video or photo can be shown on any flat surface through the projector. You can also use the projector to make presentations in the company.

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10 Examples of Input and Output Devices

Following are 10 examples of input and output devices.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

 10 Examples of Input Devices

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • light pen
  • optical/magnetic scanner
  • Touch Screen
  • microphone
  • trackball
  • joy stick
  • camera
  • webcam

 10 Examples of Output Devices

  • Monitor
  • printer
  • Audio
  • Speaker
  • headphones
  • projector
  • GPS
  • sound card
  • video card
  • plotter

Input and Output Device Names

The names of the input and output devices are as follows.

Input Device

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • light pen
  • optical/magnetic scanner
  • Touch Screen
  • microphone
  • trackball
  • joy stick
  • camera
  • webcam

Output Device

  • Monitor
  • printer
  • Audio
  • Speaker
  • headphones
  • projector
  • GPS
  • sound card
  • video card
  • plotter

What is Soft Copy Output Device?

Soft copy output devices are such output devices, through which the output given is in these intangible forms. This means that we cannot touch it. Soft copies do not have any shape and do not even have a physical existence.

If these are not saved in the memory after the power supply is cut off, then these outputs are lost. It means to say that soft copy outputs are temporary.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

What is Hard Copy Output Device?

Hard copy output devices are such output devices, through which you can see and touch the output given, and even if the power supply goes off, it does not get lost, that is, hard copy outputs are permanent. Are.

Output Device Manufacturer

There are many companies manufacturing output devices in the country and the world, but only a few of them are counted among the top output device manufacturing companies. Below you will find the names of companies manufacturing major output devices.

  • Kodak
  • Amkette
  • BenQ
  • CTI Electronics
  • Lenovo
  • Logitech
  • Microsoft
  • MSI
  • Antec
  • ASUS
  • BenQ
  • BTC
  • Cherry

Difference Between Input and Output Devices

To work in his computer, the user has to use input and output devices. Each input and output device has a different purpose and use.

If we talk about the difference between input and output devices, then input devices are such devices, using which we input data into the computer, that is, give orders to the computer. Such as typing something through keyboard or clicking on something with the help of mouse button, on the other hand output devices are such devices.

Which we use to see what is being typed on the computer and what process we have to follow further on the computer.

What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

How do Output Devices Work?

Output devices operate by receiving a signal from the computer and use that signal to accomplish a task in order to provide output in various forms. When we press a button through an input device like keyboard.

So it sends the signal to the computer and then the input is processed by the computer and the signal is sent to the monitor.

After this, the monitor translates the signal received by the monitor and shows the result ie output foot on the screen. This is how the output device works.

We can press the buttons on the keyboard even if no output device is connected to our computer. The computer will process this as well. However, we will not be able to see whether action is being taken on the button we have pressed or not or what action is being taken.

FAQs Regarding What is Output Device and Its Types With Examples?

1. What is output and types of output?

Examples of output on a computer

Audio output, graphics output, text output, and video output are the four primary types of output. Examples of each of these outputs are provided below.

2. What are the 2 types of output devices?

Monitors and printers are two of the most well-known computer output devices. Computer output devices are all pieces of peripheral gear that are linked to a computer via wires or wireless networking.

3. What is output short answer?

outputs. The amount of work done or generated by a person, machine, production line, manufacturing plant, etc., over a specific time period. The New World of Webster. Information obtained by computer processing and provided to a user in the form of a printout or visual display, or transferred to disk or tape.

4. What are the types of input devices?

Computer - Input Devices
  • Keyboard.
  • Mouse.
  • Joy Stick.
  • Light pen.
  • Track Ball.
  • Scanner.
  • Graphic Tablet.
  • Microphone.