Instagram adds new features such as message thread customization, friend list availability, easy reply, and more.

You can now communicate with your friends in private without fear of receiving unwanted notifications!

Instagram adds new features such as message thread customization, friend list availability, easy reply, and more.

Instagram, a Meta-owned social media platform, is introducing seven new messaging features from the parent company's own Facebook Messenger app, including the ability to see who's online at the top of the messaging section, a new way to quickly share posts with friends, and more. Let's take a quick look at the new Instagram features.

Instagram now has polls, silent messages, new chat themes, and other features.

To begin, Instagram's developers have changed the way people engage, share, chat, and respond to messages. Users can now receive new messages while browsing their feeds and respond to them without switching to their mailbox and losing their position. Best Laptop Under 60000: 10 Best Laptops Under...

Following that, Instagram users can now tap and hold the share button to quickly and easily reshare posts with their closest friends. The application also makes it simple to see who is available to chat with at any given time by displaying online users at the top of your inbox.

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Moving on, the messaging threads have undergone a number of changes. Directly from the chat window, users can now share a 30-second preview of a song with friends. Integrations with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify make this possible (coming soon).

Have you ever been hesitant to send a message late at night or during a crucial meeting with a friend? Meta's got your back. Customers can now send messages without alerting friends by including the @silent phrase in the message.

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The company is adding a new lo-fi chat style to the previously available theme choices, claiming that it will make chat threads more personal. For the first time, users can now create polls on Meta. It's taken a long time, but it's finally arrived in your group discussions. Facebook Messenger has had this feature for a long time.

These new capabilities are currently available in a small number of countries, with plans to expand internationally at a later date.