Review of PUBG New State: The same old battle royale with a new skin

PUBG New State is essentially a futuristic version of BGMI.

Review of PUBG New State: The same old battle royale with a new skin
Review of PUBG New State:

The successor to PUBG Mobile/BGMI from Krafton is now available! Krafton has made some bold claims about PUBG New State, claiming that the game will have better graphics and gameplay than PUBG PC. PUBG New State had a lot to live up to with such strong boasts. The game is set in the year 2051 and has futuristic gaming mechanics. Unfortunately, the game's launch was hampered by last-minute server troubles and a slew of glitches, which caused the launch to be delayed by two hours. As if that wasn't bad enough, tales of Android phones being bricked while playing PUBG New State have surfaced. PUBG New State is finally playable, despite a few problems. Here's my review of the game, which I played on an iPhone 11.

The Future of Battle Royale

The year 2051 is the setting for PUBG New State, which sets the tone for the game. The game includes electric vehicles, trams, and drones as part of its "futuristic" theme. There's nothing futuristic about any of these because they've been around for a long time. At the very least, the developer could have included some sci-fi features in some vehicles, such as hovering above land and water. Even the weaponry is identical to those used in BGMI, with no futuristic elements. Krafton may not have been able to adapt weaponry to the level of competitive esports weapon balance, but they may have experimented with certain aspects of the battle. Even in terms of graphics, there isn't much of a difference between PUBG New State and BGMI.

Familiar Gameplay, With Some New Additions

PUBG New State's gameplay is very similar to Battlegrounds Mobile India's. There are various new mechanics, such as a drone shop where you can buy weapon upgrades and supplies, a car trunk where you and your allies may store guns and other goods, and an enemy recruiting system where you can enlist downed opponents. The opponent recruitment feature is the best of these. If your squad has less than four players, you can recruit your downed opponents in battle royale mode. This can be a lifesaver for lone players who frequently become separated from their colleagues during a match.

PUBG New State also contains a new battle royale map named Troi, which is situated in an urban setting with a mall, tram, exhibit hall, and more. Erangel also reappears as Erangel 2051, which is nearly identical to the Erangel from PUBG Mobile. Finally, the new Station map is included in Team Deathmatch mode, which is suited for close-quarters 4v4 action.

Hardcore BGMI fans will enjoy PUBG New State's core gameplay experience, which is largely unchanged with a few small additions. What's unfortunate is the game's current lack of content. There isn't much to do in PUBG New State outside battle royale and Team Deathmatch. With future updates to PUBG New State, Krafton plans to add more game modes, maps, and events to bring the game up to pace with BGMI in terms of content.

Age-old Weapon Meta

Similar to its predecessors, auto rifles such as the AKM and M416, as well as SMGs such as the UMP45, appear to be prominent in PUBG New State. As the series evolves, the game will require some sandbox adjustments and weapon optimization to evolve the weapon meta. Shotguns and sniper rifles aren't completely useless in PUBG New State, although auto rifles and SMGs far outperform them. To make the fighting feel even more intense, Krafton could add new weaponry like grenade launchers to PUBG New State.'

PUBG New State currently contains a number of problems that can detract from the overall experience for some players. While playing the game, I found that the UI buttons were frequently unresponsive and that every time I opened the game, it displayed a blank 'Notice' page. In addition, matchmaking in a battle royale can take a lengthy time. Krafton will address these issues as soon as possible in order to improve the PUBG New State experience.

PUBG New State is essentially a futuristic version of BGMI. Players, on the other hand, prefer BGMI to New State because it has a lot more content right now. After addressing issues and introducing new exclusive content that isn't available in PUBG Mobile or BGMI, it appears that the game should have launched.

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